Advertisement & Business Listing Charges on ElexWeb:

1. General Category Listing fees: INR. 10,000/- with only INR.5, 000/- Renewal fees only.
2. Gold Verified Category (Top-100 Search Results Guaranteed on ElexWeb) Listing fees: INR.20, 000/- with only INR.10, 000/- Renewal fees only.
3. Platinum Verified Category (Top-10 Search Results Guaranteed on ElexWeb) Listing fees: INR-30,000/- with only INR.20, 000/- Renewal fees only.
4. Product Listing for B2B Trade online on ElexWeb with 4 to 5 images, title, description and targeted keywords will be payable only INR. 1000/- with very nominal sale commission.
5. PPC on ElexWeb search fee is variable with GST for the website visits on your webpage that will be started with min. budgets of INR 10,000/-.

All Listing will be done with “10 Search Keywords” for life long on ElexWeb with a quality link and proper SEO friendly Meta Title, Description, Product name, Brand name, Company name, Category and Area of Business with verified tag.

Features of Website Listing & Promotions:

1. Complete website audit & analysis, preparing of error reports as per standard search engines.
2. Competitor keywords search analysis, Title, Description and Keywords content writing with max 30 keywords for upto max 10 urls of your website and apply on both places on your website as well as on ElexWeb local search engine in India and digital marketing website.
3. All of your website link will be promoted and shared in all major search engines regularly.
4. Top 10 Keywords are guaranteed on ElexWeb Search.
5. ElexWeb will target maximum visibility of your website urls or content.

For any Business Enquiry Related to ElexWeb Business Promotion in India kindly contact team leader
Mr. Upendra Gupta on # +91-9711152918/9811152918.